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Tips to making more money!

Take clear well-lit photos

Make sure to find a neutral background in a well-lit area. Get multiple angles of the hair remember they will not buy it if they can’t see it!
Bonus: Add a video to give an additional view of the hair

Provide a Thorough Description

You will want to write a clear and accurate description of the hair with as many details as possible. Double check for spelling and punctuation errors.

Prep and Package Correctly

Ensure hair is clean and free of debris prior to shipping. We encourage you to place the hair in a hair net then, in a plastic bag or box inside shipping envelope or box to maintain the integrity of the hair during the shipping process and offer your buyer a pleasant presentation.

Be Responsive

Be sure to check your email and the site to respond to any messages and inquires you may receive on your items.

Ask for Reviews

People shop stores they trust ask your buyers for a review once a successful transaction as been completed.

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