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Community Guidelines

We work hard to build a platform and community that offers a safe and convenient way to share and enjoy beauty products. Please help us maintain The Hair Bazaar as the Ultimate Hair Marketplace by following the guidelines below:

Be Respectful and Kind

At The Hair Bazaar we are a positive community where everybody should have a sense of security. We request that users be polite and respectful when interacting with other users. Please be respectful of the views, products, and content of other users so we can maintain a fun and lucrative environment. 

Be genuine

To maintain a sense of safety and honesty please do not misrepresent yourself and or your products. We do not allow spamming other users and aggressive sales techniques.

Reach out to us

Creating a space where users are empowered by their sales and purchases is our goal. Our beauty advisors are here to help and provide top tier customer service.

How to use The Hair Bazaar

List quality products

The Hair Bazaar is a place for quality new and used hair extensions and pieces. Please uphold high standards of quality and value when posting a listing.

How to create a successful listing

Creating a listing is quick and easy. Showcasing your item in will-lit areas on a model, mannequin heads, or solid backgrounds are best. The item should be unambiguously represented in the main photo. We do not recommend using colored lighten, editing, or shadow techniques to avoid any misrepresentation. 

Completing a transaction 

Once a buyer has purchased your item please be sure to send the item in proper packaging within a timely manner. Your buyer is excited for this new purchase and can become discourage with no communication from the seller or long shipping times.

Honest listings

When posting a listing be as honest and through as possible about the item/items to ensure the buyer is well aware of what they are receiving. Seller who receive several disputes for misrepresented items will be placed on probation and risk losing access to the site.

Fast Shipping

As a seller, you must ship the purchased item to your buyer using the pre-paid Priority mail shipping label provided by The Hair Bazaar within five days after receiving the shipping label. 

Being a Good Buyer

Great sellers always deserve quick payment. Therefore, as a buyer, you must confirm that you’ve received and reviewed your purchase within three days after delivery. If you do not do so within three days, the order will be accepted on your behalf automatically and the funds will be released to the seller.

Thorough Communication

We strongly encourage that buyers and sellers thoroughly communicate before, during, and after each transaction. As a buyer, if you have questions about quality, condition, or fit that are not addressed in the listing, it’s best to ask before purchasing the item so you know what you’ll be receiving. As a seller, answering questions on your listings can lead to your next sale. It is also courteous to keep your buyer informed regarding the shipping status.

Listing and Photo Permissions

Make sure that you have the rights to sell any items you list on The Hair Bazaar. Do not list anything that does not belong to you or that may violate any state or federal laws. Do not upload any images that you did not take, that are of other people without their permission, or that you do not have the rights to use.

Safety and Privacy

Do not post anything on The Hair Bazaar that creates a privacy or security risk for anyone. This includes screenshots of private communications or personal information. Do not attempt to collect or give out personal information.

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